Digital Transformation for Enterprises
Across Various Industries

Edge Boxes

Edge OS

  • Flexible AI Pipeline
  • AIRunner – AI Algorithm Engine
  • Enhanced Edge Rule Engine
  • Configurable User Interface
  • Algorithm Management & Configuration
  • Video Management
  • Video Storage & Video Slices
  • Alarms Management


Smart Factory Safety
• Defect inspection
• Standard operation
• Operation safety monitoring
• Vehicle recognition and management
• Worksite inspection
Smart Building
• Vehicle license plate access management
• Access control gate equipment access
• Visitor management
• Attendance management
Smart Transportation
• Multi-stream CV algos
• Analysis of pedestrian and vehicle flow
• ADAS, DMS and face recognition
• Road traffic safety precautions
Smart Gas Station
• Safety protection for high-risk operations
• Automatic alarm for pyrotechnic detection
• Remote monitoring and real-time warning
• Oil unloading operation process monitoring
Smart Retail
• VIP management
• Storage management
• Smart vending machine
• Client data collection and analysis
• 7*24 hours store safety monitoring
Bright Kitchen
• Face Recognition
• Business License Check
• Staff Wearing Monitoring
• Staff Behaviors Monitoring
• Environmental Monitoring
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